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Septic systems: Five tips for keeping your septic system in peak condition

The beauty of a properly installed septic system is that it largely does what it does on its own, requiring little real maintenance.  But fail to maintain it and know that you will be faced with hefty repair bills. You could end...

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Septic systems: Do’s and don’ts

Do’s  Do locate your septic system where it can be serviced easily. In picking a location, ask yourself: Will a truck be able to get into this space to drain the tank? Do check with local authorities to make sure you are...

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Septic systems: How big should my drainage field be?

The big puzzle any homeowner installing a septic system deals with is how much yard space should be set aside for the septic field, where the liquid waste is released into the soil. Yard space is always precious, even out in the...

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Septic systems: How they work

Think of a septic system as a stomach buried in the ground. Its purpose is to digest and dispose of household wastes so they are no longer a threat to the environment. Septic systems are really ingenious creations, doing the work...

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April 18

Site in Wake Forest today: We got some tricky sites coming this week but we are up for the...

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April 15

My laptop would crash before I could load all the pictures required to give the whole picture of the site in Pittsboro today but I will give you a...

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