If you are a Raleigh homeowner with a septic tank system, you likely understand the importance of general upkeep and prevention of potential septic tank problems.  If you are new to owning a septic tank and have experienced issues, Brantley Septic is here to help.   For starters, here are a few preventative tips to avoid septic repair in Raleigh.

    • Never flush kitchen grease down your kitchen sink.  A septic tank is not equipped to handle items other than household waste and paper products.
    • Don’t overuse antibacterial soaps.
    • Limit water use by taking shorter showers, etc.
    • Don’t plant shrubbery or trees with dense roots near your septic structure.


  • Have your system pumped/cleaned every 3-5 years. To ensure your septic tank’s longevity, proper maintenance is key.

So, now that you know how to prevent septic tank issues, here are some problems you may already have, indicating you need septic repair.  

  • Root intrusion: Drainage issues and standing water in your yard due to tree or plant roots damaging pipes and lessening your drain field efficacy.
  • Overflow: Gurgling or slow draining sinks and toilets can indicate your tank has reached its limit.
  • Rainwater leaking into tank: If your tank overflows frequently, it may be because of a leak or design flaw that is allowing rainwater to enter.  Ensure you have a proper closure on top (such as a cement top for your tank).

Septic repair can be pricy, but it’s important to never ignore signs that your septic tank is failing.  Brantley Septic offers the best prices and is the top rated company for septic repair in Raleigh.  If you are worried that your septic tank is in need of repair, contact us at (919) 404-9511.  We are ready to work with you on fixing your septic issues!

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