Septic Tank Installation Durham

Septic tanks and their associated systems are a multi-purpose solution for solving your home waste issue and removing it from your household plumbing.  It is highly recommended any installation of a septic system is to be handled by an experienced professional.  Septic Tank Installation Durham NC. If your considering installing a new septic tank, consider the leading septic tank installation company in Durham, Brantley and Sons.  At Brantley and Sons, we specialize in professional residential and commercial septic tank installation throughout Durham and the surrounding areas.


For septic tanks, the installation is the first step in making sure your system is and will be in optimal running order.  Proper installation will prevent backflow, flooding, and other potential concerns. Installing a septic tank is a major investment that you’ve put a lot of consideration into, and you need a company that will do the job right the first time.

Why Install a Septic Tank in Durham?

This is a question we get all the time.  I live in North Carolina why do I need a septic tank?  The answer is not as simple as it seems because there are quite a few good reasons for Durham homeowners and businesses to contemplate a septic tank installation.  The straightforward reason is for your waste disposal needs. You must have a way to remove your waste and sometimes the municipal sewer system is not the optimal choice.  Surprisingly, there are several benefits of having a septic tank system over using a municipal sewer system.

  • Storm Resistance: Durham has its share of storms. With proper professional septic tank installation, your tank will stay secure during even the heaviest of storms. When it rains a lot, septic takes are protected but problems can happen. Significant rainfall can rapidly flood the ground surrounding the soil absorption area (drain field) leaving it saturated. This causes water not to be able to flow out of your septic system, thus causing the water to travel backward through the plumbing system, back into drains and toilets, and into your home. There is also the issue of untreated sewage flowing into groundwater and streams, from a flooded drain field. Brantley and Sons can check your system and take the necessary steps to prevent this situation.
  • Convenience in suburban and rural areas. Municipal sewer systems work especially well when in urban and semi-urban areas, however, if your home is outside from a major city, septic tank installation can be a better and more convenient choice.
  • Landscaping: The natural seepage of your septic tank, will keep your lawn hydrated. The water is purified and good for your lawn.

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What are your septic tank installation options?

When considering installing a septic tank, first thing you will need to do is talk to an experienced contractor as to the type of septic system that best suits your needs. Brantley and Sons routinely installs and replaces every type of residential and commercial septic tank system.  The next step is to decide on the type of septic tank for your home.

  • A conventional septic tank installation uses either gravel in the drain field, or a series of chambers built into the tank. An important part of the waste breakdown process, gravel is set in a ditch 1-3 feet below the ground. This gravel filled drain field allows for waste, not handled by the septic tank internal bacteria, to be broken down by the bacteria naturally found in the soil.
  • If the topography of your property is not suited for a conventional septic tank, then a low-pressure dose septic tank systems (LPDs) may be a viable option. LPDs contain a pumping chamber inside the septic tank twice a day to pump wastewater through the chamber and into the drain field. The LPD drain field necessitates less space than in a conventional septic system.
  • Typically suited for the southwest of the United States, the Evapotranspiration system is a good option due to dry weather. The water is released into the atmosphere via a layer of sand and/or through natural processes of nearby plants.
  • The more elaborate aerobic wastewater treatment system works like a miniature, localized version of a city sewage plant. In contrast to conventional septic tanks, air is pumped into the tank allowing for the growth of aerobic bacteria which enhances the waste treatment process.

To explore your options further and decide if a septic tank is the best option for your Durham home. Give Brantley and Sons a call at (888) 817-1904.

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