The installation of septic tank is often considered overwhelming and most do not know where to start.  If it pertains to the septic tanks and systems in Apex, NC, then residents Brantley Septic for tailored installation, expert repair, quality products and exceptionally friendly service. We have more than five decades of experience in the septic services industry, and we also employ extensive firsthand knowledge of Apex and the surrounding area, its unique topographical features and the uniquely specific requirements and regulations ensuring your septic system works as efficiently as possible and meets or exceeds local standards.

Brantley Septic offers the expert installation of all types of septic systems, including specialty systems, such as mounded, pressure dosing, and infiltrator systems, as well as expansions for new home additions or outdated systems.  Additionally, we provide part replacement and septic repair in Apex, fixing your broken lines, worn baffles and Ts, aged seepage pits, etc. Our tailored approach makes our services the perfect fit for residential, commercial and industrial properties alike, whether you need system installation for new construction or specialized repairs for a unique situation.

  • We are fully certified for your protection.
  • We offer convenient service hours to accommodate your schedule.
  • We have more than 5 decades of regional experience.
  • We use top-quality brands to increase your property value.

Things to think about when deciding on which septic tank to install:

Pump type: An important part of your septic system, the pump is keeps waste moving freely and prevents blockages. The two types of septic pumps are centrifugal and turbine. Typically, turbine pumps are inclined to be more reliable, but are also more expensive. Let your budget determine which option is right for you.

Tank design: There are several different septic tank designs commonly used.  Your soil is the main determining factor.  Whether your soil coarse and gravelly, sandy or heavier in clay minerals, this knowledge beforehand will help in the choice an appropriate system. Cecil Soil is the common soil type in Apex.

Size: Size is the most important consideration in designing and installing a new Apex septic tank. Daily water usage determines what size of septic tank you need, though for most Apex properties, your tank should be at least 1000 gallons. For larger families or buildings using a lot of water (500+ gallons a day), a larger tank is a wise investment.

We are honored to provide septic system designs to Apex and the surrounding area for so long. When you contract us to build and install your new septic system, you’ll have the benefit of fair pricing, quick, attentive service and quality workmanship that’s guaranteed to get it right the first time.

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