Wake Forest, NC Septic Drain Field Repair

Understanding the Importance of the Septic Drain Field in Wake Forest

Wake Forest septic drain field repair is extremely important. Wake Forest, NC residents understandably often overlook the importance of the drain field as it pertains to their septic system.  Drain fields remove wastewater from the system.  Its specific responsibility is to distribute the wastewater, also known as effluent, that accumulates in the septic tank allowing for filtering and distribution into the soil.

Further understanding of the importance of the septic drain field, in your Wake Forest home, will assist in quick observance of issues when they occur and subsequent issue explanation to the Brantley Septic professional. Addressing drain field issues quickly will the inconvenience and downtime.  Call Brantley Septic’s Wake Forest, NC team, to address your drain field issues and have them repaired quickly.  (919) 404-9511.

Septic Drain Field Types – Wake Forest

The first step in understanding the importance of your drain field is to know what type of drain field is installed in your Wake Forest home.  Here are the types accompanied by a brief explanation:

Gravity Drain Fields – The most common septic drain field is the gravity drain field.  These systems utilize the earth’s gravity to promote the flow through a series of gravel-filled trenches.  The trenches filter the wastewater through the soil before its return to the water table.

Pressure Distribution Drain Fields – When gravity drain fields are not optimal, such as the homes where the septic tank is positioned below the outlet pipe, a pressure distribution drain field is often the preferred solution.  Similar to the gravity drain field operation, the pressure distribution design adds a pump that manually moves the effluent through the trenches for filtering.

Mound System – Mound systems are specially designed pressure distribution drain fields for Wake Forest homes with a high water table.  This system consists of an artificial drain field-constructed above ground, making sure the effluent has enough space for proper filtering.

Cesspool –  Cesspools (or cesspits) are often the drain field found in older Wake Forest homes.  Cesspools are less efficient than drain fields and work by allowing effluent to seep out of a single holding chamber and into the ground.

Drywell – Drywells (or seepage pits) are basically a step up from the cesspool type.  Drywells are signified by the addition of an extra layer of crushed rock surrounding the holding chamber to increase and promote absorption.

Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) – ATUs are designed to speed up drain field efficiency through the promotion of aerobic bacterial growth.  The bacterial growth processes effluent much faster than naturally occurring anaerobic species.

Holding Tank – Some Wake Forest homes are equipped with a non-permeable holding tank.  These holding tanks are designed for the temporary storage of effluent.

If you’re not sure what type of drain field your Wake Forest home has, one of our experts take a look.

Signs Your Wake Forest Home’s Drain Field Needs Repair

Now that you know the type of drain field you have, we can examine the signs, or symptoms, indicative of drain fields needing repair.  Drain field repairs are often costly and very inconvenient.  To minimize the potential disruptions and costs, observing and addressing minor issues before they become serious is recommended.

As the homeowner, you are the first line of defense in the health of the drain field in your Wake Forest home.  Understanding the signs of a failing drain field or septic system issues is often the difference between a small repair and a significant overhaul. Contact Brantley Septic right away if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Drains or pipes backing up drains in the plumbing system, particularly when accompanied by a foul-smelling, dark-colored liquid
  • Strong smells emanating from the drain field
  • Standing water or sewage on your lawn above the drain field
  • Discolored grass patches near the area of the drain field
  • If septic tank pumping becomes noticeably more frequent than the recommended once every three years

Drain field issues can be discovered and diagnosed quickly and accurately with regular septic inspections. Any of the following signs may be indications that your Wake Forest home’s septic issue is specific to the drainage field:

  • Scum or liquid floating above the baffles of the septic tank
  • Discharge of effluent to the septic system surface
  • Liquid effluent rising above the distribution box outlet

Most septic drain field repairs, in Wake Forest, can be avoided with a vigilant attitude and proactive maintenance.  With proper maintenance, the drain field, in your Wake Forest home,  can be relied upon for many years of trouble-free use. Ask the Brantley Septic professionals about our septic system maintenance plans and scheduling.

Wake Forest Septic Drain Repair

Sometimes drain field issues are impossible to catch before they occur.  Brantley Septic is here for you, in Wake Forest, when you need prompt and immediate drain field repair.  Brantley Septic is a family-owned business serving residential and commercial customers across Wake Forest and the surrounding area for many years.  As the industry leader, in septic drain repair in Wake Forest, you can trust that we have the knowledge, expertise, and integrity you need and deserve.  We understand the life inconveniences and disruptions caused by septic issues.  Call or complete our simple form and let us relieve your stress and repair your septic drain.  (919) 404-9511.

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