Septic Tank, Which Type is Right for Your Selma, NC Home?

What type of septic tank works best for my Selma home?  The common issue Selma homeowners face is the decision of which septic tank system to install in their home.  To make an educated choice you can be comfortable with, one must research and understand the different septic system types; however, finding a reputable septic system company will make the process exceptionally easier.  Brantley Septic is the septic system company, in Selma, that many residents trust with all aspects of their septic system.  Brantley is trustworthy, reliable, and highly experienced.

Our technicians attend frequent training to stay abreast of industry changes and best practices.  We have installed, repaired, and maintained every type and model of the septic system.  We understand an educated customer is a satisfied customer and provides all the information you need to understand the types of septic systems, operation, and other vital information.

Before settling on a specific type, local codes must be consulted.  Some local laws may not allow the installation of conventional septic systems, where soil absorption or drain field space is limited.  Most city ordinances, including Selma, require an engineer to complete a site evaluation, which will define options for the homeowner.

Septic systems can be categorized into four types, with advantages and disadvantages.  Each system has different maintenance and maintenance schedule requirements that need to be completed by either the homeowner or a professional.  Each system has a different cost associated, some higher than others.  Which septic system type is the best option for your Selma home?  Call today to get assistance in finding out (919) 404-9511

Septic System Types for Selma Homes

As stated, there exist four basic types of septic systems for Selma homeowners to choose from.  The distinctive features of your home, including soil type, have an impact on the type that works best.

Conventional Septic Systems – Most Common. Two types: gravel drainfield and chamber system.

Low- Pressure Dose Septic Systems – A choice for where soil and topographical conditions exist

Evapotranspiration Septic Systems – The choice for arid and semi-arid regions.

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Septic Systems – Available for almost any situation and uses an aerobic process.

To explore more about each type of septic system available in Selma [click here]

The type of system you finally choose is recommended to be installed and maintained by professionals.  Brantley Septic can install your system, for your Selma home, and provide regular maintenance.  Regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to maintain the operational efficiency of your septic system.  Ask your Brantley Septic expert about our affordable maintenance contracts.

We understand deciding which septic system type to install is tough and exhausting.  Why not get help from an experienced source?  Brantley Septic can work with you to assist in determining which solution is optimal for your home or office.  Contact our staff today at (919) 404-9511.

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