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The foremost and most trusted septic service provider, of Cary, NC and neighboring area, is David Brantley & Sons.  Brantley Septic delivers professional and cost-effective septic services to homeowners.  Homeowners who have found themselves in need of septic and sewer pump services in and around Cary.  If your home has a septic system, it is recommended to schedule regular maintenance and service to ensure a long healthy life of your system.  Brantley Septic promises to provide 100% of our time and effort to your job and provide services above and beyond expectations.  For most, the signs of a septic or sewer, in need of pumping or service, are not sometimes not obvious.

Signs Your Cary Septic Tank Requires Pumping

Septic service warning signs are few and all of them are less than pleasant.   Brantley Septic is the most cost-effective and knowledgeable septic service company in Cary, and we’re the experts in spotting a bad septic tank.

Bad, Putrid Smells.  This symptom is obvious to your nose.  Walking outside and your nose catches a whiff of a putrid odor.  If the smell is similar to number 2, it’s perhaps your septic tank is overflowing.  The sign is indicative of a blocked drain and requires pumping immediately to protect again back up inside the home.

Pooling Water.   Water pooling in spots is a huge sign there is a problem with your septic.  The more this occurs the bigger the problem.  Pooling water is a sign your septic requires pumping.  Furthermore, excess water from your tank can result in lush and overgrown grass as compared to other grassy areas on your property.

Backup of Sewage.  Sewage backing up inside the home is not a good sign.  Sewage backup requires immediate service and should not be ignored.  When wastewater backs up in sinks, bathtub, or basement, it’s a sure sign your sewage system has malfunctioned or even failed.  This problem is nothing to take lightly. Sewage backup is hazardous to anyone residing in the home and a call to Brantley Septic must be made immediately.

Drain Slowly Draining.  If you’ve observed bathtub drains, sink drains, and toilets draining slower than normal, this may be a sign your septic tank is full and requires of pumping service.  If you have tried retail drain unclogging products and plungers and it hasn’t helped, then time has arrived to contact the Brantley team and professional will be on the way to service your septic tank.

Gurgling Noises.  Is an obvious sign your septic tank requires service, don’t ignore the sound!  Gurgling noises are not normal and point to problems within the septic system.

How Should Cary Septic Systems be Serviced?

New homeowners or new owners of a septic system may not be privy to the suggested service recommendations, particularly how often your sewer or septic need to be serviced.  For homes without a garbage disposal, your septic tank suggestion is pumping the system and servicing it at least every three years.  If your home has a garbage disposal, you should have it pumping is suggested annually.  Don’t skip regular maintenance as it may save you thousands in the long term and will save money.  Regular septic service guarantees your family (pets included) aren’t exposed to dangerous wastewater in the home or outside from pooling water.  Regular pumping eliminates solids that tend to escape and clog the soil pores of your home’s drain field.

For normal problems with septic systems, and methods to avoid them via regular pumping and emptying or repair, contact us today. You’ll receive peace of mind knowing your systems have been inspected by thoroughly knowledgeable professionals.  There’s nothing worse than coming home to a smelly surprise. For further assistance, or a free estimate, contact our Cary team at (919) 404-9511.

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