Septic Tank Treatment

Brantley Septic is the premier septic tank treatment expert.  Brantley Septic has worked hard to earn the respect and confidence of local homeowners and commercial business owners.  Finding the right company to not only service your septic tank but to provide regular treatment is hard.  Servicing septic tanks including repairs, pumping, and treatment is the what we do. Schedule your Septic Tank Treatment Today! (252) 478-3721

Septic Tank Treatment

High-quality septic tank treatment services at affordable rates and customer service beyond reproach, that is the Brantley Septic way.   Properly treated and maintained septic tanks significantly reduce future issues and save money.  Every possible issue is handled quickly and with the expertise to ensure its repaired right.  Early problem identification will reduce the potential of issues as will regular maintenance.

Why Should I Have My Septic Tank Treated and Inspected?

There are many reasons to treat and inspect your septic tank. Here are a few:

  • Verification of proper function
  • Early detection of potential problems
  • Groundwater contamination prevention
  • Buying or selling a home (generally NOT included in home inspection)
  • Prevention of waste backups into home or office

What Does a Garner Septic Tank Treatment Include?

  • Uncovering the septic system
  • Checking for signs of back up
  • Pumping the septic tank
  • Flushing the toilets
  • Inspecting mechanical components
  • Identifying leaks
  • Verifying drain fields are taking water

The actual treatment process, for your septic tank, depends on the type of septic tank system your home or office employs. The different types of septic systems available in Garner are:

  • Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System
  • Low Pressure Dose System
  • Conventional Septic System
  • Evapotranspiration System

The type of septic system does not matter, Brantley Septic has the solution and the treatment.  Contact our Brantley Septic, the septic tank experts today and let us put your system on a treatment schedule. (252) 478-3721