Wake Forest Septic Tank Cleaning Service

How Do I Empty the Septic Tank, in my Wake Forest Home, Clean, and How Often Should It Be Pumped?

Talk about dirty and nasty, cleaning a septic tank is a nasty job, even in Wake Forest.  At Brantley Septic, we are used to it and do not mind because septic tank cleaning is our job and we love our job.  This love has helped us to maintain our prominent position as the leading septic tank cleaning service provider in Wake Forest NC.  Finding a resolution to unsightly smells and fixing septic tank problems, while making customers happy, is what we do.  It is difficult to find another company that can or will clean your septic tank better, faster, and at a lower price, than Brantley Septic.

We are prompt and accurate with all our jobs.  We pride ourselves in our attention to detail.  If you have a septic system in your home or residence, you should have basic septic tank cleaning knowledge of how to maintain system performance. (252) 478-3721

Providing the Septic Tank and System Performance for Your Wake Forest Septic System

It pays to understand why you should regularly have your Wake Forest home’s septic tank cleaned.  Solids accumulate in the septic tank and must be removed.

As solids collect in the tank, the layer of water reduces slowly.  If working as designed, the outlet baffles will keep the majority of solids from reaching the drainage area, however, it is impossible to achieve 100% filtering.  The steady increase in solids raises the possibility of solids successfully reaching the drain field.  Solids clog up drainage pipe holes, the spaces between stones, and the surrounding soil, restricting water disbursement.  Eventually, water will stop soaking into the ground as designed resulting in drain field failure and the associated problems.

Scheduled maintenance and cleaning of the septic tank, in your Wake Forest home or office, effectively removes solids, which extends its life and keeps it in working order.

Do not neglect your septic tank.  Regular septic tanks maintenance is highly recommended to maintain ideal operation and longevity.  Health and safety hazards are possible when your tank and septic system develops a problem, which can endanger you and your family.  Below we have provided some simple actions you can take to safeguard your Wake Forest septic tank and make sure it is working correctly.

  • Do not overload your septic tank. Check for leaks frequently and replace existing plumbing fixtures and appliances with water-efficient models.
  • Never flush huge and non-biodegradable matters down the toilet.
  • Choose high-quality garbage disposal and use it properly to avoid clogging.
  • Do not pour oil and grease down the drain. Grease buildup can clog your pipes and cause serious problems to your septic system.
  • Plant trees more than 100 feet away from the septic system and always make sure that no tree roots are making its way to your pipes and tank.

Brantley Septic delivers extraordinary septic system cleaning and repairs to all homeowners and business owners. Our plumbing professionals perform comprehensive assessments and all necessary repairs and maintenance to guarantee your Wake Forest septic system is running at optimum levels. Our services are the best in the industry and are available at affordable prices so you can trust we will not overcharge for our services.

Septic cleaning regularly is needed and issues should never be ignored but should be addressed in a timely manner to avoid bigger problems and higher repair bills. Do not wait until the issue gets out of hand. Call one of our septic service specialists any time and any day and let us take care of your plumbing problems. At Brantley Septic, there is no plumbing problem we cannot fix! (252) 478-3721

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