Staying in rural USA is a dream for many and for those blessed few, Wake Forest is a great place to accomplish the dream. However, fulfilling that dream comes with the possibility of multiple problems if certain issues are not checked and addressed from the outset. When you purchase a home in rural Wake Forest, whether pre-owned or new build, the septic system is one of these things that must be questioned and inspected. If you already own a home in rural Wake Forest, then regular maintenance and inspections should be on your annual list. Brantley Septic is the leader in rural septic system inspections, repairs, and maintenance. (919) 404-9511


Homebuyers and Homeowners in rural areas need to consider so basics concerning their septic systems. It is sensible to stay on top of system operation, but first knowing which system you have is imperative. Not knowing could lead to system malfunctions and damage. There are several types of septic systems ranging in price. The more basic systems utilize gravity for wastewater dispersal and depend on the soil for treatment, whereas other options contain moving parts which necessitate electrical power. Septic system types:

  • Conventional System
  • Low Pressure Dose
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

… find out more about septic system types Septic System Types
Septic systems do not come in one size fits all. Every effort must be made to ensure the correct system type is installed for the rural home site. Brantley Septic can work with you to review the existing or if it’s a new home build, determine which septic system is optimal. An inappropriate system will increase the chances of system malfunctions. Malfunctioning septic systems are costly and may have health and environmental consequences. Making sure your septic system is optimal for your rural home will save money in the long run.


  • Minimum 10,000 square feet required for Septic Systems.
  • Minimum ½ acre lot if system to be used for a home
  • Minimum ¾ acre lot if drinking water tank needed.

    • Be careful what you flush or dispose of down the drain
    • Septic system drain fields aren't supposed to look like a bubble bath – Check your Laundry Habits
    • Have system pumped regularly
    • When your septic system fails, have it repaired a soon as possible
    • Take a walk in your drainfield to check for a problem
    • Watch the color of your grass
    • Watch for roots and plants too close to system
    • The right plants can be good. Plants can help prevent erosion and expel liquid and nutrients from the soil, allowing the septic system to function more efficiently.
    • Limit Grease
    • Protect against freezing pipes. Let them drip, but in a bucket, not back into the pipes.

    The more you know the more confident you will be with your septic system. Understanding the needs and history of your Wake Forest Rural Septic System is important and Brantley Septic can help in making sure you ward off undue malfunctions and costly repairs. Call today for inspection or maintenance (252) 478-3721