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Is your septic tank working correctly?  Have you considered the possibility of having it serviced, especially the septic tank?  When you sit down and think about your septic system, you probably think about the drains and pipes, but did you know there is more to the system? The septic tank is the most critical part of your septic system.  Without a properly working septic tank, your Holly Springs septic system will not operate.  Consider regular septic tank service and maintenance for your Holly Springs home or office.  When your home or office building is not linked to the city of Holly Springs’s sewer system, a septic system must be installed to remove waste.  Untreated septic tanks will overflow, resulting in potentially dangerous property damage, and your sense of smell will suffer. For superior-quality Holly Springs septic tank service, contact the experts at Brantley Septic. (252) 478-3721  Where affordable solutions meet high-quality results.  (252) 478-3721

How a Septic Tank and System Operates – Holly Springs NC

Wastewater flows into the septic system through a chamber and moves to the septic tank.  Using gravity, solid sludge drops effortlessly to the bottom, pushing scum to the top.   Liquid movement carries the scum to another chamber, where the cycle begins again.  Finally, excess liquid moves out into a drain field. The waste left in the tank is decomposed anaerobically.  When working correctly, the complete process is extremely efficient.  Generally, a Holly Springs septic system should be pumped every three to five years.

Common Septic System Issues with Holly Springs Septic Tanks

  • Full Tank
  • Roots
  • Wall Corrosion
  • Detached Dividing Wall

Signs and Symptoms Your Septic Tank Needs Service

Septic Tank systems are generally not visible; therefore, problems can often hide and are difficult to notice. Yet, there are some easily perceptible signs to keep an eye out for that may indicate your Holly Springs septic system is malfunctioning.

  • Pooling Water – When water starts to pool on your lawn or field without an obvious explanation, it may be because your septic tank is too full. A professional can pump your tank to fix it.
  • Foul Odors – A full septic tank will cause the sludge to rise, emitting foul odors around the household or property.
  • Lawn Health – Not all waste is created equally. Unlike fertilizer, septic waste can kill your grass. Look for brown and yellow patches on your lawn.
  • Toilet Draining Slow – If your septic tank becomes too full, it can interfere with the way your toilet functions. Pay attention to how quickly your toilet drains after a flush.

Holly Springs Septic Tank Service

If you experience any of these symptoms, you are in severe need of septic service for your Holly Springs home or office, or you need to schedule maintenance. Call Brantley Septic at (252) 478-3721 for an appointment!  (252) 478-3721

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