Septic Tank Maintenance in Raleigh & Wake Forest, & Triangle Area

What is maintenance?

septic-tank-pumpsAt a minimums it’s:

1. pumping your septic tank every 3 years
2. Filter cleaning or replacement annually
3. Pump and control checks annually
4. Manifold flushing annually
5. Drainfield assessment annually

Why worry about your septic system?

Septic repair and replacement is costly, averaging more than $3,000 dollars per complete replacement, not to mention the inconvenience and damage to the surrounding landscape. Failed septic systems can cause property values to decline. Sometimes building permits cannot be issued and/or real estate sales can be delayed for these properties until systems are repaired or replaced.

Protect the health of your family and the environment.
When septic systems fail, inadequately treated household wastewater is released into the environment. Any contact with untreated human waste can pose significant health risks, and untreated wastewater from failing septic systems can contaminate nearby wells, groundwater and drinking water sources. Chemicals improperly released through a septic system also can pollute local water sources and can contribute to system failures.