When is it time for Septic or Drain Cleaning for Your Bethesda Home or Office?

Has your septic system been cleaned or pumped in the last three years?  Are you beginning to smell a consistent odor, or is your drain field collecting water?  If the answer to any of these is yes, or if other issues are beginning to appear, then contact Brantley Septic.  (252) 478-3721

Brantley Septic provides leading septic & drain cleaning service to residential and commercial customers in Bethesda, NC.  From cleaning septic systems to repairs, Brantley Septic can handle all your septic system needs.  We can manage even the most challenging locations.

Septic & Drain Cleaning Service Bethesda

Septic cleaning, or pumping, means the same thing.  Pumping is the act of removing liquid and floating solids/sludge, whereas cleaning refers to the removal of water and compacted sludge from the bottom of the tank.

Did You Know? The average two bath/three occupant home produces 250 to 300 gallons of wastewater per day! Hence a neglected septic system can quickly become a neighborhood health hazard and an expensive problem.

Usual Signs of Failure with Your Bethesda Septic System

Some typical signs of septic trouble are:

  • Unusually green or thick grass growing around the leaching area
  • Toilets or drains that are backed up or run slower than usual
  • Sogginess in the ground around the septic tank or leaching area
  • Surface flooding of sewage around the septic system

When a complete cleaning of the septic system, in your Bethesda home or office, is required, it is normal for the treatment to contain a high bacterial content to combat the increased use of hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and other chemical-filled household products. Cleaning the system with a high bacterial content counteracts the anti-bacterial properties of the household cleaners, resulting in a septic tank returning to its original purpose.

High bacterial content cleans recommended to be attempted by professionals due to the potentially harmful bacteria and gases in a septic tank.  The best thing you can do to ensure proper upkeep of your septic system is to create a ‘septic schedule.’  A septic cleaning schedule will allow you never to let the cleaning go for too long and run the risk of ruining the tank or the system.

When you contact Brantley Septic, our friendly and helpful staff is available to answer all your questions. Give our Bethesda team a call today to learn what we can do for you. We look forward to doing business with you!  (252) 478-3721

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