Regular Septic Tank Pumping will Extend the Life of Your Hillsborough Residential and Commercial Septic System

Extending the life of your Hillsborough residential or commercial septic system has never been simpler and Brantley Septic is here to assist!

Remarkably, regularly scheduled septic tank pumping services are particularly important to extend the longevity of your septic system.  What does a pumping service consist of?  A proper pumping service ensures sewage solids do not migrate out of the tank.  Sewage solids, that escape the septic tank, can result in problems in the drainage components and beyond.  (252) 478-3721

How Often Should Pumping Service be Scheduled, For My Hillsborough Septic Tank?

We are asked this question often.  The manufacturers recommend homeowners obtain septic pumping service every 18 months-2 years as part of an overall septic system maintenance program.  There are several factors and variables to consider when determining how often to pump your system:

  • Age of Pump Tank and System
  • # of Household Occupants
  • Food Consumption
  • Water Consumption
  • Hobbies
  • Medication Usage

Are Additives Important and Why They are Used During Hillsborough Pumping Services?

Yes, additives are important to the optimal operation of your Hillsborough septic tank.  Love bacteria is required in septic systems to consume, digest, and degrade grease, oil, and other organic matter, so good functioning of the system can be sustained.  Your Brantley Septic professional can explain our safety program and rigorous criteria for biological drain lines and septic system products.

Why Choose Brantley Septic for your Pumping Service?

The majority of septic service providers “PUMP & RUN,” in Hillsborough and the surrounding area.  What this means is their operators will use the most convenient opening (no matter what size), pump out the top layer of scum, gray water (effluent), and most of the sludge, then leave almost as fast as they arrived.  Typically, they do not back-wash or stir up a tank’s contents to make sure all the sludge is removed from the sides and corners.  Our technicians work to remove all sludge that has built-up. Additionally, we look for and report problems, such as cracks and leaks, deteriorated baffles, and other potential issues.

  • The Brantley Septic multi-point septic tank checklist:
  • Educate customers with critical information about septic systems
  • Evaluate waste and recommending the next pumping service
  • Offer pre-scheduled services
  • Offer service maintenance programs designed to extend the life of your Hillsborough septic system

Septic tank pumping service should be completed on a regular basis and issues should never be ignored but addressed in a timely manner to avoid larger problems and higher repair bills. Do not wait until the issue gets out of hand. Call one of our Hillsborough septic service technicians any time and any day and let us take care of your plumbing problems. At Brantley Septic, there is no plumbing problem we cannot fix! (252) 478-3721

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