Emergency Septic Repair

Emergency Septic Repair – Available in Your Time of Need

If your home is not connected to the municipal sewer lines in your area, there is a high probability your plumbing system contains a septic tank.  Septic systems and tanks are not expected to last forever.  Knowing who to call and what to do when an emergency septic repair is needed can be invaluable.  It is recommended to have a septic company at your fingertips, preferably one that has regularly performed maintenance on your system.  If you have an emergency, call Brantley Septic! (252) 478-3721

As you may know, the critical part of a wastewater system is the septic tank, with household waste, both solid and liquid, traveling through underground pipes.  The job of the septic system is to separate sewage, directing solid waste to the septic tank and the liquid waste to a drain field.  Septic tanks are designed to store high quantities of waste. However, there is a limit to their capacity, which requires regular pumping (every 2 to 3 years).  Neglect and damage of the septic system may cause wastewater back-up, slow or blocked indoor drainage, foul odors, and the pooling of unsanitary wastewater around your septic tank or in the drain field

What to Do in a Septic Tank Emergency

Act Quickly and Decisively!  Do Not Panic!

Remember, a failed septic system can potentially result in exposure to viruses and pathogens from the sewage.  Paying attention before an emergency will give you some advance warning of potential failure.  The early warning will allow for action to be taken and hopefully eliminating the possible crisis.  In Particular, you’ll want to cognizant and aware for, using your sense of smell, hearing, and vision:

  • Inspect for septic tank or plumbing backups
  • Listen for gurgling in your plumbing
  • Watch for fixtures that drain slowly
  • Look for water backing up into your basement
  • Look for unusual or foul odors coming from the drainfield after rain or heavy water usage
  • Look for the signs of standing water in the drainfield

When to Call for Emergency Septic Tank Service

While septic systems provide safe and sanitary wastewater disposal, the septic tank can cause significant issues if it is not maintained correctly and regularly.  Brantley Septic is on call to help you in the event that an unexpected septic emergency arises in your home or building.

Our fantastic team can pump, clean, or empty septic tanks and systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a septic tank emergency, do not hesitate.  Contact Brantley Septic (252) 478-3721

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