How Often to Pump a Septic Tank in Burlington?

How Often to Pump a Septic Tank in Burlington, NC?

Is Your Septic Tank, at Your Burlington Home, Full?  Do You Know How to Empty It and How Often Should It Be Pumped?

In case you are a new owner of a septic tank system, the septic tank is an integral part of a Burlington residential septic system.  Septic tanks are specifically designed for the collection of sewage and wastewater from your Burlington residence.  Septic tanks are primarily manufactured from concrete or plastic.  The typical Burlington home has a septic system and tank, if connecting to the municipal sewer lines is not available.

A septic tank is designed as a closed environment; thus, it has a limit to its sewage holding capacity, which is important to know and remember for your Burlington home.  What is the maximum capacity for the septic tank in your home, in Burlington, NC?  Ultimately, septic tanks fill to the top and, if not pumped or treated, will result in avoidable problems.  At Brantley Septic, we are often asked, “How often does the septic tank, in my home, need to be pumped?”  Pumping is the same as emptying.  The answer we provide, to Burlington homeowners, is it varies and is dependent on many things.

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When Should I have the Septic Tank, in my Burlington Home, be Emptied?

The industry standard, for Burlington and other septic tanks, is to empty the tank once every three to five years.  The actual frequency is dependent upon usage and the number of people living in the home.  How many people reside in your home?   As the number of people increases the pumping frequency increases.  In contrast, ten years between pumping may be possible if there is a single inhabitant, whereas with 7 or more the frequency may drop to 2 years.

Occasional pumping or emptying of the septic tank may be required, to maintain reliable and trusted operation.  When a septic tank is not working as designed it can cause significant problems, such as sewage backing up into household drains or bubbling up from the ground near and around the septic tank and drainfield, of your Burlington home.

Avoiding expensive repairs and health hazards are the goal of the majority of Burlington homeowners.  Brantley Septic understands and highly recommends a comprehensive inspection and scheduling of regular pumping with a proper interval between.  We can keep the schedule for you and send you a reminder when the time approaches.

Why Does My Burlington Septic Tank Require Emptying?

The main cause requiring emptying is the overloading of the septic tank or too much waste within the tank.  To prevent overload septic tanks, require more frequent emptying.   If you have never experienced a major problem with your Burlington septic tank, it does not mean you should neglect your responsibility for proper maintenance.

The function of a septic tank is to separate heavier substances, through settling, which in the long run forms a layer of sludge.  If the sludge layer exceeds the allowed limit, then solid substances will make their way into the soil absorption system (drainfield).  As flow to the drainfield via pipes become clogged, liquids will be blocked from flowing through and out for absorption.  If the problem is not addressed, unsanitary, or unhealthy, water will make its way to the surface.  If this happens, you will know due to the powerful smell.  Your Burlington neighbors do not want to smell your septic issues.

Emptying Your Burlington Home’s Septic Tank

Make sure and call the professionals and Burlington’s trusted company, Brantley Septic, to pump or empty your home’s septic tank.  Our Burlington team is experienced and highly trained to control septic waste and dispose of it properly.

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